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Welcome to Mama Instincts!

If you want to live your best life, like trying alternative parenting practices, believe in treating your children with respect, want to live a toxic-free life without losing your mind, believe that balance is key and want to harness the power of your intuition to raise your children in the best possible way, then you have come to the right place.


My name is Carolina. I am a mama to 2 little girls who are my world! I’m also an intuitive parenting educator, a wellness advocate, a writer and a speaker.


I’m on a mission to help, inspire and empower mothers, like you, that want to live an intentional life, and that also feel a pull towards alternative parenting styles and a more natural way of living but that want to do this without losing their minds, without going to any extreme and on your own terms.


This site, Mama Instincts®, is my creation for you – a place where you can find inspiration and encouragement, as well as positive parenting advice, green living tips, easy recipes and much more.


Let’s connect, for real, over on Instagram and check out my new podcast The Mama Instincts® Podcast.


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